Professional Medical Technology Copywriting

Transforming complex, technical topics into engaging content

The medical device and technology sectors operate in a complex, competitive, and highly-regulated environment. 

Content must be clear and concise to capture the interest of physicians, researchers, and decision-makers for larger medical centers. High-caliber content that addresses and resolves potential clients’ questions is crucial for building and retaining trust.

Is your company experiencing growth but still struggling to:

  • Transform prospects into clients  
  • Produce consistent content positioning you as a thought leader in your industry
  • Give your brand a voice

Harbor Copywriting bridges the gap between the medical world and the layperson, ensuring your company’s breakthrough technologies are communicated clearly and effectively to your target audience. 

Our services will enable you to:

  • Save time by investing in engaging content created just for you and tailored to your clients 
  • Outpace your competition and shine a spotlight on your newest technologies through clear, concise written content that converts
  • Refocus on what you love—running your company, researching, and innovating
  • Generate leads and increase revenue by effectively communicating the science behind your medical technologies and devices

Schedule a free consultation today and see how working with Harbor Copywriting can help you drive sales and build your brand through lead-generating white papers, expert editing, and ongoing thought leadership articles.

Founder of Harbor Copywriting 

Having dedicated over 12 years to the healthcare industry, I first witnessed the transformative power of medical devices and technology in improving patient outcomes while serving as a surgical coordinator and medical device liaison. I spent years walking patients with hearing loss through their surgical journeys and celebrating post-operatively as their implantable hearing devices were activated, granting them access to a world with the joy of sound.

This experience sparked a fervor and vested interest in the field, driving me to pursue work as a clinical research study coordinator. These roles exposed me to the intricacies of medical device development, regulatory requirements, and the importance of effective communication in the space.

Hey, I'm Chelsea.

I founded Harbor Copywriting in 2019 with the goal of developing a specialized agency dedicated to supporting the written content needs of medical device, MedTech, and healthcare technology companies.

Harbor Copywriting is built on the belief that medical technology developers shouldn’t have to double as writers to achieve a strong, influential voice. We work behind the scenes, serving as the invisible force supporting and amplifying our clients’ ideas and innovations. With a commitment to service, integrity, and ongoing support, we strive to simplify and make a meaningful impact in the rapidly evolving field of medical devices and technology.

past clients include

digital health and SaaS start-ups

private medical practices

medical device companies

medical public relations experts

"Chelsea has a natural ability to break down complex concepts and make them easy to grasp.

I LOVE working with her!  When it comes to finding the right words, she has a knack for knowing exactly what needs to be said, even when I am at a loss for words myself."

medical billing

"Chelsea holds a professionalism that is rarely seen.

clinical research

She is well organized and detail oriented. I highly recommend Chelsea and would love to work with her again. She would be a valuable asset to any organization."

Our Specialties

Teach consumers more about your products and services and boost your online presence with articles containing thoughtful, research-backed analysis. Articles are designed to educate and drive readers to learn more about your technology. 


When you simply don't have the time or energy to draft your own content, Harbor Copywriting will be your silent support for all written needs. We gain a thorough understanding of your company's products, tools, or software through a review of background information and in-depth interviews with your company’s key players. We will ghostwrite articles, white papers, journal abstracts, and other pieces on your behalf, using your voice and style to maintain brand consistency. 

ghost writing

We will help you transform pages of data, research, and marketing materials into well-crafted, lead-generating white papers that speak to your target audience's needs and interests. White papers are a powerful tool to educate, build credibility, and drive the adoption of medical devices, technology, and software.

white papers

If you have existing content that needs polishing, we will help edit and refine your writing to ensure it’s clear, concise, and engaging.


Need something not listed? 

Reach out so we can design your custom service package.

Partner with Harbor Copywriting to bridge the gap between the medical world and the layperson, ensuring your company’s breakthrough technologies are communicated clearly and effectively to your target audience.

Your work is too important to not get the visibility it deserves.

If you've made it this far, you're likely ready to inquire about professional medical technology copywriting. Please fill out the form below to get in touch and we can discuss your goals for advancing your medical business.

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